Thank you all who came to the sale. I sold a few prime pieces to a few discerning folks. That makes it all worth it. My personal favorite was a trade with Sal Vasquez for one of his paintings. Love this piece. Frankly, I'm glad I can put the studio to rest for the winter. It's been a busy year (again) here at the Johnson's Ranchito. Having a full time day job doesn't help. Hopefully next year we'll have some 'normal' time to relax and take a slower approach to this claymaking deal. Most probably there will be a 5th annual sale next year as there are still scads of pieces on the shelves. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to take a look when you're doing your holiday shopping. I can be ava

Stooodio Sale...

Told you I'd remind you! Saturday, that's THIS Saturday November 10th that's at OUR HOUSE, at MY outdoor studio... it's Free! Ma Jeans' Healthy CHILI! Hot Coffee& Tea, and other home made nummy numbs. This isn't just an event for my FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS, it's a gathering of those of LIKE MINDS... FALL Weather lovers (70 degrees!) outdoorsy types, ANIMAL likers, and all things ARTSY FARTSY! ...and there's the ceramics too... We're hoping to see your rosie reds... (This message is approved by earth based ceramics and paid for by fundage derived from hard work and persistence)... Old Dude @ The Art Shoe... copyright rotten rex at the radar station circa 2018

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