• Rex Johnson

65 and finding my voice...

So many days escaping and so behind the curve. I apologize for not keeping this bull-log up to date.

Ceramics seems to be on the back burner so far this year. Too many home projects in the mix, animal barns, plumbing, bathroom remodels...that woman keeps me busy, yep.

Well, there's the occasional motorcycle projects too. The classic GS has gone to Maryland, replaced by a modern GS. I have my own distractions... I've managed to get a few firings and done some throwig as well.

Got some of the Chip'N'Dips fired. Good response on these from the local ladies.Working on some new open canisters for our own kitchen. When I do get out to the studio I realize I am actually making progress. Finding a direction, refining the glaze and clay harmonics. Don't worry fans, it's all still in focus ;) !

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