• Rex Johnson

Smoking Aloud


That's the word I use to describe the past week.

In case you've been out of the country and haven't heard of the Sand Fire, the old girl swept pretty close to us.

Can you say 'EVAC"?

Evac is what we did after watching the smoke swirl about Crown Valley in all four directions for 48 hours.

Finally we left due to a mandatory order.

Pack your valuables and belongings. Laptop, cameras, clear the safe, clothes pets, equines, and vehicles,

and move them across town.

24 hours later, do everything in reverse...

Try and get things back to normal, but it's not that easy.'s the stress that makes it like being in a bad movie.

Untold hours of watching the news and listening to the radio. The Press.

Then there's the cleanup. After being home one night I realize the next day I have to clean up.

Ash. It's everywhere.

One more groovy thing about having your studio outdoors...

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