• Rex Johnson

Thank You!

Thanks all for coming and supporting my obsession with clay.

The sale was a warm and enjoyable success.

We had beautiful fall weather, some rain, but mostly sun.

It was great meeting new folks like our talented neighbor and photographer Lukas, our new friends the Comish's from Baltimore, Ken Pfalgraf,

and to see the return of folks like the Solderlings, Liz Spanella, the Blacks, and the Bakers.

And of course thanks to my crew the good wife Jean, and Susan and Linda.

Forgive me if I missed some propers here, as you know I was quite busy ;)

We appreciate your patronage more than you'll ever know.

Congrats to Esther Comish for picking the Miro Saggar Vase that was Best of Show at the AV Fair this year!

You have good taste Esther!

...and Teri Baker is already using here slab platter...

For those who might have missed the sale or still want to shop, feel free to contact me anytime.

I will schedule a private showing...


But for now my friends, the rain has come in, the winter has started, and the studio is officially CLOSED til next spring...

Have a good Holiday Season and a great New Year all.

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