• Rex Johnson


Hey all!

I've had a few folks show up at the studio looking for last minute Christmas gifts in the past week.

Some previous November Sale customers and others that have found the last few flyers here and there.

Though the studio is closed, we thought it would be a nice idea to send a shout out to those of you that might have last minute gifts to buy.

So, I will be working my day job for the remaining week before Christmas, but if any of you would like to come by, there is still quite a lot of stock left over from the sale.

The good wife Jean will be home this week and I will be available in person after 3PM as well.

Just give us a ring at home, 661-269-1970, or call or text my cell 661-992-7877 to make sure someone will be home.

You can also e-mail me at

You know where we reside...

32023 42nd Street West, Acton.

Give the gift of clay.

Let us know, we'll leave the lights on for ya!

Rex and Jean

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