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Studio Sale July 4th? Stop by, I'll be there...


I apologize. I mean, gee whiz, I haven't been blogging and tweeting all about me and how great everything is...

Actually, there have been priorities. Stuff like getting a roof on the house, and fences up.

(Then also there's those motorcycles).

I didn't get started outside in the studio until three weeks ago.

Thought I'd wait 'til it got really hot outside.

I've made a few slab platters and bowls, and been experimenting with 4 new clay bodies.

I will be working out in the studio this coming weekend, through July 4th.

If you're coming to the Acton for the Fourth of July Parade, stop by the studio and see what's up.

Jean has the idea that I have an impromtu sale on the 4th, nothing much more than the this invite.

Nothing advertised, maybe a few flyers, just a casual stop by. The studio (and I) will be muddy, but we'll set out some ware for sale.

You might even have a chance to see a pot being made.

Need to make room for the new stuff. Most everything discounted. Your purchase buys supplies.

See ya then maybe?

If by chance you'd like to stop and pick something up before the 4th, give a call: 661-269-1970.

Or text me at: 661-992-7877.

You remember where it's at:

32023 42nd Street West in Acton

Crown Valley to Gillespie to 42nd St West

Make a left, third house on the right past the horse and the donkey.

I'll try to remember to put the signs up ; )

But, after that, I'll be on the road to Utah doing that motorcycle thang again...


Rex the Moto-potter

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