Holiday Sale is November 18th...

O.K., now it's official!...We are on for this coming Saturday, 10am-4PM-ish (November 18th).

Jean will be making her popular Healthy Chili, and well have some refreshments, on the house.

Everything will be out on the tables, marked way way down to 1970's craft faire prices.

Several pieces have already been purchased by previous patrons, but there's still a good amount of ware

(considering my less than desirable production this year).

This is a good time to grab up gifts and momentos as I'm considering taking the next year off from the studio.

I'm seriously thinking about at least cutting back until I can retire from my day job and concentrate on making stuff out of clay. The studio also needs some upgrades to make it more work-worthy.

Not to worry, like Ah-nult sez,

"I'll Be Back"...

See you Saturday!

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