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Shady Studio Upgrade

Hey there all you lovers of pottery and everything ceramics. Thought I'd drop a line and let you know the latest.

I've been working on upgrading the studio space. Between the barking dog situation, lack of outdoor protection, and aging equipment (not to mention my aging back and hands), it's become more work than joy..

So, I've made the commitment to myself to either make the 'making' more enjoyable or just throw in the towel.

Time for reinventing the space.

I cleared out the clutter, cleaned up the existing furniture a bit, and paid to have a real roof built over the work area.

It kind of looks like a gas station now. But hey, the shade and shelter are at a premium when you work outdoors.

The SoCal weather takes its toll on the equipment and my motivation.

I have a new potter’s wheel on order which will take some time to arrive. This may all come together in time for me to get back to it before the heat comes.

It's looking like sometime late April or mid-May. Not sure what the results will be, there is still some refurb and replenish in the way of supplies and studio flow. Then there's the actual making that needs to begin.

There is a slight chance I might be part of the Acton Agua Dulce Arts Council Studio Tours in May if it all comes together.

Then there should be the annual Studio Sale in November.

But for now, I will carry on...

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