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Ides of Fall...

What a year! How's yours been?

As mentioned last blog post there has been upgrades to the outdoor space.

New cover, wheel, slabroller. Makes me want to be out there in theory.

The heat has been my prohibitor.

Believe it or not, I have been getting something clay-wise done. Finished the last of the making last Saturday.

Fall weather might actually be here. That is good for firing pots.

I've done most of the biscuit. The fun of decoration (work!) begins straight away.

Trying a complete different approach this year. Much to test and much to do.

Hoping for the cool cool weather to Fall in line...

(Note: Pieces submitted to the annual Agua Dulce Winery Fine Arts Show - November 3rd & 4th...the weekend before our Studio Sale which is Nov 10th...)

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