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Anyone that knows us has a pretty good idea as to what our year has been like as a family. If not, I won't go into details but suffice to say it hasn't been a year of creative inspiration or productivity.

That said, I was able to go out to the studio if not for therapy, then at least as a distraction.

I've made several dozen popular items or Bloom Ranch (in Acton) and for friends just in case.

We won't be having our annual Studio Sale this year.

Instead I am sending out with this blog an RSVP to everyone on my mailing list.

If you'd like to come by the studio and buy some pottery gifts I will make sure I'm here if you send me an e-mail directly to schedule a time between now and Christmas.

Best days for us will be weekends between now and Christmas.

Other than this Blog message there won't be any advertising or studio displays, just a private off the shelf sale.

There will be a 'Jingle Bloom' Christmas event on Sunday December 8th with Santa food and crafts.

It promises to be a very nice event in a beautiful setting.

My pots are always in the Bloom Ranch store for purchase which will be open on that day.

Until then, Happy Holidays...


bloom ranch

31880 Aliso Canyon Road, Acton CA 93510 (661) 678-5300

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